Company Profile

Marine GeoSolutions Pty Ltd is a specialist marine geophysical survey company operating from Perth, Australia and is co-owned and operated by Dr Peter J Ramsay and Mr Warwick R Miller. The directors of the company have a very strong background in marine geology, hydrography and sedimentary processes and 50 years of combined experience in marine geophysical surveying and consultancy. The directors have always strived to provide solutions to problems that defy standard investigative methods, by developing new and innovative ways to use the available technology. This combination of experience, expertise and innovation creates a formidable survey team.

Marine GeoSolutions Pty Ltd is a dynamic company that offers a total solution to all nearshore & offshore survey requirements. This includes all facets of project management including; desktop studies, survey planning, data acquisition, sediment sampling, data interpretation, ore reserve calculations, map generation and report writing. All tasks are performed in-house which facilitates quick turn-around times on all projects.

Marine GeoSolutions Pty Ltd core business includes offshore mineral exploration for mining companies, as well as marine geophysical & hydrographic surveys in support of port development, engineering and dredging. A world leader in heavy mineral mining appointed Marine GeoSolutions as the sole consultants to manage and conduct an extensive offshore heavy mineral exploration programme in southern Africa. In addition to offshore heavy mineral exploration, the company has experience in undertaking offshore exploration programmes for diamonds, phosphorite and glauconite and its staff have undertaken oil well-site investigations and fiber-optic cable landing site surveys.

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